About Us

Extension experts

Been working in the industry for over 10 years

Great relationships with our suppliers


The team behind Hairello have created a range of premium Remy hair extensions, stemming from a wealth of industry knowledge. With over 10 years experience and as experts in the field, we have crafted a brand that aims to supply beautiful women with their desired hairstyle.


We believe every woman should have the opportunity to experience thick, long and healthy hair, which is why we have combined a superior product with an affordable price tag. From the range of colour options available to the difference in weight, we’re certain you will find the ideal hairpiece perfect for you.


Product quality is also a top priority, which is reflective of our solid relationships with existing suppliers, ensuring we provide our customers with the luxury product they deserve. We endeavour to bring you a unique customer experience, as we want to be responsible for making you both look and feel incredible in yourself. We’re exceptionally proud of the product we’ve created and we hope you will be too!